ecoFusion decorative acoustic product

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Acoustic treatment is no longer the traditional method of sticking pieces of conventional foam onto a wall. As foam has a life cycle and will eventually biodegrade at the end of its life cycle.

ecoFusion decorative acoustic can be applied to any surface creatively giving you space a brand new look.

It is extremely effective against room reverberation commonly known as “echo”. Ever been to restaurants or cafes or even churches that giving you the hall effect? Echo is the reflection of certain wave length in the sound frequency. ecoFusion panel treats this “echo” with few easy steps.

Sound quality increases its clarity once the reverberation problem is resolved allowing you to hear clearly without reflected sound wave.

It quiets down the environment by eating out echo! 

Sound absorption
100% heat compression polyester mineral fibre. Effective acoustic frequency range 125Hz — 4000Hz at NRC 0.85 — 0.94. Thickness at 9mm.

Comprises of up to 40 different colours. Capable to creating pictorial art using different colours and treat reverberation issue in living environment. 

Fire Proofing
The importance of fire retardant material for commercial & public safety is crucial. Suitable to be used in cafe, restaurant, pub, hotel, meeting rooms.

Environmental Friendly

Recyclable material with less than 0.05mg/L formaldehyde fulfilling international E1 standard. odourless and non allergic to skin upon contact.

Impact resistance & portability
Each ecoFusion product is being tested for maximum durability withstanding high impact from heavy object. Suitable for use in childcare centre to reduce room echo and at the same time used as a impact resistance material on wall to prevent child injury.

Commonly used in interview room, meeting room, recording studio, hotel banquet & function rooms, music school, classroom, church, commercial area to reduce reverberation level in order to increase clearer speech and vocal conversation. 

Stable physical properties
The heat compression ensures each panels shipped out of factory has a stable state even under extreme temperature below 0 degree and above 70 degree celsius. The effectiveness of each panels remain consistent.

Installation is a breeze due to the solid stable structure of each panel. Cutting the panel into shapes you like is a breeze. Installation with selected glue, 3M self adhesive tapes and air nail are highly recommended for concrete surface. 

Before (Up) & After (Bottom) result : 1.5 secs vs 0.5 secs 

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